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more than 40 years training pilots

The advantages of studying any pilot course with Panamedia International Flight School are many and significant. And the best example of these are each and every one of the students who have completed their training throughout our more than 40 years of experience.

The testimonies and opinions of our students and people who have been part of Panamedia is very important, because as the CEO of Panamedia International Flight School, Manuel Parejo, said: «what we are most proud of is that they come to greet us once they are working in companies of all over the world.»

At Panamedia I have received quality training that has guaranteed me to meet the demands of the market.”

Javier Sanchis Sanchez / Iberia First Officer / Airbus 320

“One of the most beautiful moments in aviation was my training as a pilot. At Panamedia you will be able to receive the best training thanks to the dedication of its professionals and the excellent location for training flights.”

Jairo Yepez / Wizzair First Officer / Airbus 320
Testimonios Panamedia Piloto Angel Vicente

“Panamedia is the right place to make your dream come true, both the bases and the human team are unbeatable.”

Ángel Vicente García / Binter Airlines First Officer / ATR 72 500/600

“At Panamedia I was taught that the effort and determination to complete the airplane pilot course is very important.”

Kevin Borrego De Dobbeleer / Air Europa Express First Officer / Boeing 737

The best years of my life were those I spent at Panamedia.”


Álvaro Inchausti / Ryanair First Officer / Boeing 737-800

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