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more than 40 years training pilots

The advantages of studying any pilot course with Panamedia International Flight School are many and significant. And the best example of these are each and every one of the students who have completed their training throughout our more than 40 years of experience.

The testimonies and opinions of our students and people who have been part of Panamedia is very important, because as the CEO of Panamedia International Flight School, Manuel Parejo, said: «what we are most proud of is that they come to greet us once they are working in airlines.»

“Thanks to Panamedia I have been able to fulfill my dream of becoming a commercial pilot at the age of 21.

This would not have been possible without the effort and passion of my instructors and teachers, who are involved every day in training you to the highest standards.

If you want to learn and enjoy your training, Panamedia is your school.

Fernando S. Bará / Ryanair / Boeing 737

“At Panamedia, I didn’t just fulfill a goal but also a dream, becoming a commercial pilot.

With a fantastic team, I learned from scratch everything I needed for my professional future, flying from international airports while maintaining high safety standards.


Jorge Serrano Romero / Ryanair / Boeing 737

“I did my training at Panamedia, where I acquired solid theoretical knowledge and received excellent flight training at international airports with fantastic weather.

After obtaining my commercial pilot’s license, I became a flight instructor at Panamedia, a school that stands out for its exceptional quality in all aspects.


Javier Santamaría / Ryanair / Boeing 737

I went to Panamedia International Flight School seeking to obtain my pilot’s license and was impressed with how professional and efficient they were. The staff and instructors were very well prepared and dedicated to teaching. I learned a lot in a short amount of time and successfully achieved my goal.

I would definitely recommend this school to anyone interested in aviation.

Javier Donoso Solís / Lauda Europe / Airbus A320

Thanks to Panamedia and all its team, I have been able to realize the dream I have always had since I was a kid.

I have greatly enjoyed my time as an instructor and as a student, and I am grateful for having been able to meet a great team of professionals.


Jerónimo Suria / Iberia / Airbus A320

Analyzing these last few years, I am very happy with Panamedia, and I feel like I have chosen the right school. The proximity to the city of Valencia, flying at International Airports, learning from experienced airline instructors, and feeling safe in every flight are some of the factors that have shaped me as a professional. 

I am also very grateful for the support of the entire team at Panamedia. Thanks to their hard work, dedication, and treatment towards the student, they have made Panamedia a reliable flight school.


Andrés Piles / Ryanair / Boeing 737

“At Panamedia I have been able to train and develop as a professional pilot. Flying at international airports with quality instructors has helped me a lot to reach my goal of becoming a commercial pilot. Afterwards, I became part of the team of flight instructors where I was able to continue growing as a pilot and enjoying the incredible Mediterranean climate.”


Maher Mansur / Berniq Airways / Airbus A320

“I can say that Panamedia has been the beginning of the long career I have ahead of me as a pilot, it has been that beginning in a very familiar school where I enjoyed very much the stay, being in my island, with wonderful instructors who taught me many of the things I know now.”


Paula Cruellas / Iberojet/ Airbus A320, A330, A350

“In panamedia I received great training from well prepared instructors with direct airline experience, and I flew all my hours in international airports with other commercial traffic, this helped me train to a very good standard as a pilot.”


Manpreet Singh / Ryanair/ Boeing 737

“I would like to thank Panamedia for the time and dedication invested both in my professional and personal growth, from my first steps as a student, to my time as an Instructor. The human quality of the team has always been excellent.”


Néstor Bertomeu Suárez / Wizzair / Airbus A320

Thanks to Panamedia, I have been able to fly from the very beginning at international airports with air traffic control alongside commercial aircraft.

This has helped me a lot in my learning process to obtain my commercial pilot license.


Simone E Mohammad / Ryanair / Boeing 737

When I started in Panamedia I knew it was at the perfect school, where I learned a lot about aviation alongside professionals. 

I am very grateful to all the Panamedia team who have been supporting me all these years. I know it’s a place where I can always go back to remember how much fun I had during my years as a student.


Magdalena Camps Andersson / Corendon Airlines / Boeing 737-800

“Panamedia International Flight School is an industry leader in the aviation sector. They helped me to achieve my dream of becoming a commercial pilot, thanks to its highly qualified and competent team.

They also offered me my first job opportunity, working as a Flight Instructor for the school before taking the step to commercial aviation.”


Pablo Pérez Castaño / Lauda Europe / Airbus A320

“Panamedia International Flight School has given me the opportunity to become a professional pilot thanks to their magnificent flight instructors.

Thanks to them, I recently joined Iberia, the Spanish flagship carrier.”


Adrián Palomino / Iberia First Officer / Airbus A320

“At Panamedia I have been able to train as a pilot with excellent professionals in the industry.

As a result, I have achieved my dream of flying as a first officer in an airline.


César Barcala / Hibernian Airlines (Air Nostrum Group) First Officer / CRJ1000

“Panamedia International Flight school gave me the tools to achieve my dream and become an airline pilot for Europe’s largest operator.

At the school, I was taught by excellent instructors who helped me learn as well as enjoy my time flying in one of the most beautiful areas of Spain.”

Elisa Corine Martínez Gonzálves / Ryanair First Officer / Boeing 737-800 & 737-8200

“Panamedia is a leading school in flight training and safety where I obtained the pilot license.

Subsequently gave me the chance to grow professionally as a flight instructor, and afterwards taking one step forward into becoming a first officer in the airline industry.

Alex Carbonell / Hibernian Airlines (Air Nostrum Group) First Officer / CRJ1000

“Panamedia International Flight School has been my home throughout my training, and thanks to the family environment and the closeness of all the school’s staff, I have been able to grow as a professional and as an individual.

I will always be grateful for the way I have been treated at Panamedia.”

David Arana Nava / Lauda Europe First Officer / Airbus A320

At Panamedia I have received quality training that has guaranteed me to meet the demands of the market.”


Javier Sanchís Sánchez / Iberia First Officer / Airbus 320

“At Panamedia I have been able to train with highly qualified flight intructors and teachers, many of them currently active pilots. Their great professionalism and high knowledge in aviation have made it possible for me to obtain my pilot’s license and dedicate myself professionally to it. Thank you Panamedia for these years of training.”


Carlos Carrasco / Lauda Europe First Officer / Airbus A320

“Having a good foundation is one of the keys to growing as a commercial pilot. Thanks to the talent, professionalism and experience of the entire Panamedia team, I have been able to train as a commercial pilot and make aviation a way of life.”


Guillermo Guerra / Ryanair First Officer / Boeing 737-800 & 737-8200

“Panamedia has offered me an excellent training, with very high standards that have facilitated my incorporation into the industry as an airline pilot. At the academy I spent some wonderful years accompanied by the best professionals, enjoying the opportunity of learning to fly in a paradisiacal environment.”

Pau Bibiloni / Ryanair First Officer / Boeing 737-800 & 737-8200

“Panamedia creates its own small aviation society; you can find knowledge, experiences, friendships and aviation news. Once you have been inside, you can’t leave it. It is not only an amazing school or a successful business, they’re dream makers for many ambitious future pilots.

Ahmad Alhuwaishel / Kuwait Airways First Officer / Airbus A320neo

“Thanks to the professionalism and high quality instruction at Panamedia, making the step to the airlines is much easier.”

Manuel Marín / Wizzair First Officer / Airbus A320

What better way then to start your career flying along the spanish coast line and Palma de Mallorca! Beautiful locations with a highly skilled and dedicated team awaits you.”

Daniel Alonso / Ryanair First Officer / Boeing 737 300-900

“During my pilot training, I was instructed by the best professionals in the sector, many of them commercial pilots in airlines such as Vueling, Iberia or Air Nostrum. I have achieved my dream of becoming an airline pilot, guided by the entire Panamedia team and advised by all the people I met thanks to the school. Thank you! These words are also dedicated to all of them.”

Ángel Moreno Carrasco / Ryanair First Officer / Boeing 737-800 & 737-8200

“From the first day I arrived at Panamedia, I knew I was in the right school. Today I can confirm that I was not wrong. It’s a great family that pushes you to achieve your dream.”


Alberto Kevin Pla Giraud / Vueling First Officer / Airbus A320

” Thanks to Panamedia I have made my dream of being a commercial pilot come true. The ideal school to learn what for me is the most exciting profession from the hand of a great team of professionals. Both my time as a student and as an instructor have been among the happiest of my life.”

Pablo Gil de Rojas / Mel Air (Grupo Air Nostrum) First Officer / ATR 72-600

“Thank you Panamedia for helping me out with the training process, which has resulted in being able to fly in a commercial airline with sufficient knowledge to meet the demands it requires.”


Abel Peraita / Ryanair First Officer / Boeing 737-800 & 737-8200

“Thanks to Panamedia, its airline-focused training, the experience of flying over one of the best and most beautiful areas in the world and having been lucky enough to share it with the best colleagues and students I could have wished for, I have achieved my dream of flying for the largest airline in Europe.”

Nacho Andrés Crespo / Ryanair First Officer / Boeing 737-800 & 737-8200

” The best years of my life were those I spent at Panamedia.”


Álvaro Inchausti / Ryanair First Officer / Boeing 737-800

“At Panamedia I was taught that the effort and determination to complete the airplane pilot course is very important.”

Kevin Borrego De Dobbeleer / Air Europa Express First Officer / Boeing 737

“One of the most beautiful moments in aviation was my training as a pilot. At Panamedia you will be able to receive the best training thanks to the dedication of its professionals and the excellent location for training flights.”

Jairo Yepez / Wizzair First Officer / Airbus 320

“Panamedia is the right place to make your dream come true, both the bases and the human team are unbeatable.”

Ángel Vicente García / Iberia First Officer / Airbus A330

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