Panamedia joins AEFA

Panamedia Cessna 172
The Panamedia flight school has officially become the seventh member of the AEFA, Association of Aeronautical Training Schools. Panamedia is a school of professional pilots of the highest level and quality founded in the Balearic Islands. Later on, it expanded to other areas of the Spanish coast, and today they have offices in Mallorca and Valencia. At Panamedia you can take the commercial pilot course, the private pilot course and even drone pilot courses.
Thanks to this new addition, the Association of Aeronautical Training Schools (AEFA) increases its representativeness, not only in terms of volume of flights and students, but also in terms of geographical extension. Today we can affirm that AEFA has become the main interlocutor in the Spanish aeronautical training sector, and we hope that this will turn into advances at institutional level for our industry.
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