Panamedia incorporates a new aircraft and increases its fleet size to 16 owned aircraft

Panamedia International Flight School incorporates a new aircraft and increases its fleet size to 16 owned aircraft for its bases in Mallorca, Valencia and Castellón.  

Exciting news for all students and future pilots of Panamedia International Flight School! The prestigious aeronautical institution has taken a step forward in its commitment to offer excellent quality training to its students by adding a new aircraft to its fleet, bringing its total number of owned aircraft to 16. This fleet expansion will allow Panamedia to remain a leader in the field of flight training at the bases of Mallorca, Valencia and Castellón.

The new aircraft joining Panamedia’s fleet is a Cessna 172, an aircraft renowned for its reliability and versatility. With this acquisition, Panamedia further enriches its training offerings and provides students with an exceptional flight experience in one of the world’s most popular and reliable aircraft.

Panamedia’s fleet consists mainly of Cessna 172 aircraft, which are characterized by their outstanding performance and their ability to adapt to different flight profiles. These aircraft are ideal for training pilots, as they offer a perfect combination of safety, maneuverability and cabin comfort. In addition to the Cessna 172s, Panamedia’s fleet also includes the popular Piper Turbo Arrow PA-28R and Piper Turbo Seneca III PA-34-220T models, further expanding the training options for students.

Excellence in training

With this fleet expansion, Panamedia reaffirms its position as one of the leading international flight schools in Europe. The addition of the new aircraft not only demonstrates its commitment to excellence in training pilots, but also reinforces its ability to meet the growing demands of the aviation industry.

Panamedia’s students will benefit from this investment, as they will have access to a diverse and large fleet of aircraft for training. This will enable them to acquire the skills and experience necessary to face real-world challenges and develop a solid career as professional pilots.

Panamedia International Flight School continues to lead the way in flight training and the expansion of its fleet is a testament to its commitment to quality and innovation. If you are interested in becoming a pilot, feel free to visit our website for more information on available pilot courses.

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