Online Phased CPL(A) Course – Commercial Aircraft Pilot License

If you want to become a commercial pilot, the Online Phased CPL(A) Course will enable you to earn the Commercial Aircraft Pilot License. The course will provide for all the necessary licenses and ratings required by airlines to take part in their selection processes,in accordance with the European EASA-FCL regulations.

The Online Phased CPL(A) Course to obtain the Commercial Aircraft Pilot License consists of a theoretical (Online) and a practical part. At Panamedia, the training is carried out by professionals of the aeronautical sector and highly experienced flight instructors


  • Minimum age: 17 years old
  • Class I aeronautical medical certificate

Online Phased CPL(A) Course program:

The Online Phased CPL(A) Course includes: 

Theoretical Training:

Total 750 hours (Official syllabus approved by AESA)

Flight Training: Total 230 hours

  • 192 Flight Hours
  • 38 Simulador Hours
  • UPRT Advanced

*The duration of all programs is estimated and may experience delays beyond our control.

Limited accomodation options near our bases. Check availability 

It also includes:

  • Official AESA syllabus.
  • Complete uniform (jersey, shirt, tie, stripes & pants).
  • Insurance.
  • Personalized tutorials.
Not included in the price:
  • Flight equipment.
  • Fees for official theoretical exams, proficiency test (PPL, SEP-IR, MEP-VFR, MEP-IR y CPL) and language proficiency.
  • Airport landing fees.
  • License issuance fee.
  • Initial Class I medical.
  • Subscription to question bank.

Testimonies and opinions of some of Panamedia International Flight School’s former students.

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«At Panamedia I have received quality training that has guaranteed me to meet the demands of the market. »

Javier Sanchís Sánchez

Iberia First Officer / Airbus 320

«One of the most beautiful moments in aviation was my training as a pilot. At Panamedia you will be able to receive the best training thanks to the dedication of its professionals and the excellent location for training flights.»

Jairo Yepez

Wizzair First Officer / Airbus 320

Testimonios Panamedia Piloto Angel Vicente

«Panamedia is the right place to make your dream come true, both the bases and the human team are unbeatable.»

Ángel Vicente García

Binter Airlines First Officer / ATR 72 500/600

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