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To become a commercial pilot and obtain the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) it is necessary to take the MCC Course at Airbus A320.

MCC stands for Multi-Crew Cooperation, and this course trains students and future airline pilots about the coordination between pilot and co-pilot necessary in a cockpit.

The practical part of the MCC Course is carried out in an Airbus A320 simulator (APT, FNPT II MCC), a European made and one of the most used planes worldwide. You will also have airline pilots as instructors who will provide you with quality training to operate a commercial aircraft between pilot and co-pilot.

Training objectives

  • To complete Multiple Crew Coordination (MCC) training with an Airline Mindset.
  • To learn how to fly in a multi-crew cockpit.
  • To get used to jet engines (high speed, power and acceleration; slow deceleration).
  • To prepare for airline calls.
  • From flight preparation to post-flight debriefing in as close to real airline environment.

the training will be carried out with airline pilot instructors

Student Requirements

  • ME / IR Completed.


  • 25 theoretical hours.
  • 20 FNPT II MCC Super King Air B200 simulator (turboprop) hours or 20 FNPTII MCC Airbus 320 simulator (jet) hours.

Duration: 7 days

  • 2 days: CRM theory.
  • 5 days: Briefing / debriefing + simulator 4 hours/day

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Pablo Israel is the Principles of Flight teacher at Panamedia International Flight School.

Pablo studied aeronautical engineering in
Pablo Israel is the Principles of Flight teacher at Panamedia International Flight School. Pablo studied aeronautical engineering in "Univeridad del Trabajo/Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya" in 2015, and your obtained his Comercial Pilot License in "Hangar 13 Uruguay" in 2018. In 2020, Pablo finished his academic aviation instructor course also in "Hangar 13 Uruguay". Pablo had the chance to work as a flight dispatcher in 2016, and in 2019 he was responsible for the maintenance and continue airworthiness of a BE35 and other planes for "AgroParaguay" in Paraguay. Also, he was the PIC (Pilot in Command) of the BE35 (Beechcraft Bonanza), flying to many different destinations all around South America. In 2021, he decided to move to Spain, where he was working for a ULM flight school as an administrative and ground & simulator instructor. -- Pablo Israel es instructor en tierra de Principios de Vuelo en Panamedia Escuela Internacional de Pilotos. Pablo estudió Ingeniería Aeronáutica en la Universidad del Trabajo/Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya en 2015, y obtuvo su Licencia de Piloto Comercial en Hangar 13 Uruguay en 2018. En 2020 Pablo terminó su curso de instructor académico en aviación también en "Hangar 13 Uruguay". Pablo tuvo la oportunidad de trabajar como despachante de vuelo en 2016, en 2019 fue responsable del mantenimiento y continuar la aeronavegabilidad de un BE35 y otros para "AgroParaguay" en Paraguay. También fue el PIC (Piloto al Mando) del BE35 (Beechcraft Bonanza), volando a muchos destinos diferentes en toda América del Sur. En 2021 decidió trasladarse a España donde estuvo trabajando para una escuela de vuelo ULM como instructor administrativo, de tierra y simulador. 🛩 ATPL course 👩‍✈️🧑‍✈️ 🗓 Next course start: 25th Sept 2023 📍 Mallorca / Valencia / Castellón 📲 . . . . . #Panamedia #escueladepilotos #flightschool #pilot #Mallorca #Valencia #ATPL #PPL #CPL #MCC #UPRT #RPA #UAS #UAVenterprise #Vueling #AirNostrum #Iberia #AirEuropa #Volotea #Wizzair #Kuwait