Flight Instructor Course


At Panamedia we are constantly training students and pilots from other places who take the Flight Instructor course. In addition to obtaining the relevant title for flight instruction, another objective of the course is for the instructor to acquire all the knowledge and best teaching techniques so that the future student under his supervision feels completely safe and confident.

Flight Instructor Course Objective

The objective of the Flight Instructor Course is to obtain the Flight Instructor – FI (A) qualification with which the holder will be enabled for flight training.



  • To have at least one CPL (A), or in the case of only being holder of a PPL (A): to have completed 200 hours of flight, of which 150 must be as Pilot-in-Command (PIC).
  • To have passed the CPL(A) theoretical knowledge exams.
  • 30 hours of flight in single-engine piston aircraft (SEP), of which 5 hours must have been performed in the 6 months preceding the entrance test.
  • To have received 10 hours of instruction in instrumental flights (5 of them can be in flight simulator or FNPT II).
  • 20 hours of cross-country flights (XC) as Pilot in Command (PIC) with a flight of more than 300 NM that includes 2 stops at 2 different airfields.

Flight instruction

  • Single-engine SE (A): 30 hours of instruction of which 25 hours will be dual-command hours (5 of them can be from a shared flight with another FI(A) applicant).
    • If the course is held at the Panamedia base in Mallorca, 5 of these hours will be held in an FNPT II simulator.

Ground instruction

  • 125 theoretical hours on psychology, teaching, and applied instruction.

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