Flight Dispatcher Course

Enviable conditions

The professional career of Flight Dispatcher or Operations Manager of an Airline is framed within a sector with great demand for qualified personnel and with “enviable” economic and social working conditions for the vast majority of active personnel not only in Spain but in any western country.

Every day more Operations specialists are needed and this is a good opportunity to start a career in aviation, in addition to being the best paid occupation. Now is the time to pursue your professional aeronautical career!

The European regulations JAA (Joined Aviation Authorities) request that Operations personnel demonstrate that they are properly trained to carry out their work, so this course has been prepared with the aim that the student is fully qualified to carry out the profession of Flight Dispatcher or Operations Manager of an Airline. It is not, therefore, a course authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, since there is no license for it.

The course has been developed entirely in Spanish, with the exception of the Course that is included in this one on On-Board International Radiophonist (Aeronautical English).

Training objective

To train the student as a Flight Dispatcher or Operations Manager of an Airline.

Role, requirements and more about flight dispatcher course

Role of a flight dispatcher

Flight dispatchers are the people who are in charge of the supervision and control of everything necessary for a flight to be done. Before departing, they check the maintenance report of the aircraft, review the weather maps, study the flight routes and approach zones for landing, and check that the documentation required by the Civil Administration is in order.

Their mission is to prepare all these necessary documents for the flight (flight plans, meteorology, notams, navigation maps…) and transmit it to the crew before the flight. They are the ground controllers of the flights.

Student requirements

There are no special requirements.This course includes an Aeronautical English course therefore no previous english level is required. However, it is of advantage to have a Baccalaureate degree or equivalent.

Flight dispatcher course content

The course subjects are as follows:

  1. Aeronautical Communications.
  2. General Aeronautical Regulation
  3. Organization of an airline
  4. Jet Performance
  5. Mass and Balance
  6. Computers in Aviation
  7. Human Performance in Aviation
  8. Passenger Safety
  9. Costs in an airline
  10. Duties and Responsibilities of the Flight Dispatcher.
  11. Certificate and Competence Statement of an Air Operator.
  12. Basic Operations Manual.
  13. Airplane Operations Manual.
  14. Navigation Manuals.
  15. Operational Planning.
  16. General Emergencies.
  17. Meteorology
  18. NOTAM system (Standardized notes of interest related to flights)
  19. Notification of Accidents / Incidents
  • Teórica Básica del Despachador de Vuelos en castellano (Texto)
  • Curso de Radiofonista Internacional de Abordo en inglés aeronáutico

The Flight Dispatcher course also includes an audiovisual course on international aeronautical English, so that there are no difficulties in using the official language used in aviation. (New JAR-FCL 1,200 Regulations).


The course is done online, without schedules or displacements. Its duration is approximately  two to four months, depending on the availability of each student and the pace at which they wish to carry out their training.

Student evaluation

The student will take a test-type evaluation exam. He himself will determine the date on which he wishes to be examined based on his progress in the subjects. Once this test has been passed, he must pass an oral communication exam by telephone where your aeronautical English level will be checked. At the end of the course, the corresponding Diploma of the Center will be issued.

Student attention service

The student will be able to communicate with the center for consultation of any type of doubt either by email or by phone at the established time for tutoring.


Labour bank

The Center does not guarantee, nor can it guarantee, that by completing the aforementioned Course, the student will get hired as a Flight Dispatcher or Head of Aviation Operations. Its objective is to train students by providing them with all possible support so they acquire the necessary knowledge to perform flight dispatching functions.

Although, at the request of the Human Resources Departments of different Airline Companies, the Center publishes a Diploma Course book that is sent to the Airline Companies with the curriculum of each student to serve as initial contact in the selection process of specialized personnel, in order to fill vacant jobs in the Operations Department. 

Every day more specialists are needed in this area, therefore, the unemployment rate is minimal, compared to other sectors.

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