What to expect from your pilot aptitude test

What to expect from your pilot aptitude testApril 10, 2019

What to expect from your pilot aptitude test
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You’ve received you license and you are now pursuing you dream job. You might be one of many candidates that will be facing a pilot aptitude test which will determine whether you will be picked or not by the aviation airline. But, what are these tests and why do you need to take them? These examinations help aviation companies to see whether you have the necessary skills to be part of the crew. The main question is, can you prepare for the test? Absolutely yes. And we recommend you to practice them as much as you can.

These test are used to measure a pilot’s competency in certain areas, and although every airline has different test with different questions and areas covered, here is a brief idea of what to expect from a pilot aptitude test:


Verbal reasoning tests

These are designed to determine whether you can analyse and draw conclusions from written texts. You will be examined on vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and critical reasoning. These skills are crucial since you need to be able to read and follow instructions from a written format. There are also different categories of verbal reasoning tests, including reading comprehension, which asses your reading and deciphering skills, and the English language skills, which are crucial if you decide to operate internationally. Here you can find some tips on how to improve your Aviation English.

Memory tests

Here you will be tested on your memory capacity and recall skills, where you will need to prove your short-term memory and show how well you can remember pieces of information, if you can recall them a short time later and for how long you can retain those memories. You will also be examined on your abilities to multitask.

Spatial reasoning tests

Here you will be shown mirror images, you will be asked to organise two dimensional shapes and determine perspectives.  These images will enable to visualise them and mentally manipulate these images into the shape you want. The spatial orientation and awareness is a crucial skill to generate solutions as quick as possible.

Numerical reasoning

There is no doubt that in this career you will need to have a good knowledge of mathematics and physics.  This type of test will assess whether you can work quickly and under time pressure, without affecting the end results. You will not only be examined on your mental arithmetic, but also on logical thinking. Some questions might give you more information than you actually need to answer the question, and these will determine whether you can identify and extract information needed.


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