The right licence for you

The right licence for youNovember 19, 2018

The right licence for you
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Flying across the blue skies while watching how the sun is rising, sounds good doesn’t it? This flying passion is very popular and the career is considered to be one of the most rewarding one on earth. A pilot licence allows a person to fly an aircraft, but it is much more than that, there are different types and classifications where you have to follow specific rules and limitations.

Whether you are doing it as a hobby or you want to turn it into your professional career, here is a small guidance with the most important licences to consider.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

This is the most common and sought licence amongst students. First of all you will need to obtain the Class 1 or 2 medical examination in order to pursue your aviation dream.

“It builds a strong foundation and provides important instructional information for your future”

The course is tailored to your needs and you can start whenever you want, all your need is 100 hours ground training at the end of your training, and 45 flight hours. This is perfect for those who fly as a hobby and for those who want to progress, it is a non-professional licence and will open you many doors if you wish to turn this into a professional career.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

This one enables to obtain financial compensation for piloting an aircraft where you will be able to share the flight costs and is perfect for those who aspire to become a pilot.  It is essential to hold a PPL and over 150 flight hours before you take the course. It is a great base for all those who want to progress in their career and become a captain someday, with the CPL you will be able to act as a pilot-in-command or co-pilot of any airplane excluding those who operate in commercial air transport.

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

You’ve made it! It is the highest level of aircraft licence where you can command an aircraft over 5.700kg and with over 9 passengers on board. This licence is recognised by the EASA in 26 European countries, which is an interesting fact if you are deciding of taking the course at Panamedia Valencia or Mallorca due to its great weather all year long.  You will need good aviation English, CPL and an Instrument rating.

Flight Instructor Course (FI)

Have you ever dreamed of showing the world to others? This is your time! Throughout the course you will learn theory about psychology and different skills about flight and teaching instructions. You will be able to guide students throughout their career and support them at every step of their way to become a professional in the aviation industry. Learn more about the requirements in our course description.

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