The electric plane Bristell Energic of H55: the future flying taxi

The electric plane Bristell Energic of H55: the future flying taxiJuly 9, 2019

The electric plane Bristell Energic of H55: the future flying taxi
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This two-seater training aircraft manufactured by BRM Aero and H55 (spin-off of Solar Impulse) could be the first step to develop flying taxis. After making their first trip of zero emissions, many pilot schools have shown interest in this type of aircraft.

In addition to having been created for the training of future pilots, it has also marked the starting point for the implementation of electric propulsion systems in the VTOLs and the future flying taxis. This model has a maximum autonomy of 90 minutes and can be raised to 900 feet per minute (274 meters) with a maximum takeoff weight of 750 kg or more. This electric model is capable of traveling between 45 and 60 minutes and its battery has two 50 kWh battery packs that can be fully charged in one hour.

According to the CEO of the Swiss start-up and former director of Solar Impulse, André Borschberg, “electric propulsion has allowed the world of drones and will do the same with aviation.” The Bristell Energic could mean the start of an alternative of air and electric transport over short distances, especially in large markets such as India and China, where there is a continuous growth of civil aviation and where the training of pilots with a real flight trainer is required .

The company assures that this solution would be more economical, since it is estimated that the energy cost is 7 dollars per flight hour thanks to the fact that its electric motor has an energy efficiency higher than 95%, having only 3 to 4% of the heat and the rest of propulsion. Besides the plane’s prices is much cheaper: one to two thirds of the price of a standard plane.

The aeronautical industry find alternatives to develop a more environmentally friendly transport. That is why the bet of the future is on electric aviation. It would offer a clean, silent and profitable transport alternative.

Here you can find more information and an experimental flight video.

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