The different aviation ratings you need to succeed

The different aviation ratings you need to succeedJanuary 17, 2019

The different aviation ratings you need to succeed
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You are ready to fly, or that’s what you think. You’ve gotten your licence and feel motivated to make the sky your office and want to make anything to make you stand out from the others. There is plenty of ratings, certificates and courses that will enhance your knowledge and increase the chances of succeeding when stepping into a career in aviation and maximise the chances of getting a job, and these are some of them:

  • Instrument rating

You will probably have heard about this one as this type of rating as it is essential if you are getting the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).  You will be examined on meteorology, radio navigations, flight performance and monitoring, and other interesting subjects.  This rating will make you understand weather like you have never before, you’ll master the aviation radio and you will be prepared for any unexpected weather on any flight. In a few words, this rating will allow you to fly in cloud and other weather conditions of reduced visibility.

  • Night rating

If you have decided to follow a professional pilot path, this type of training is highly recommended. Flying at night is very different to flying during the day when there’s plenty of light and sunshine, and as in Europe flying at night is not a standard part of the licence, pilots are not allowed to fly during darkness hours without this specific rating. The night rating has a total duration of 6 hours, 5 of those will be done in a Single Engine Airplane including 5 touch & gos.  These ratings don’t need to be renewed once you have completed it


  • Type rating Airbus A320

Approved by the EASA , with this rating you will obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully operate the aircraft in commercial air transportation of passengers. Using A320 full flight simulators, next-generation flight training devices and Computer Basic Training (CBT). The type rating Airbus A 320 – HT A320 has a duration of 19 days which includes 32 full flight simulators, and ground training including theory about aircraft systems, Performances, Mass & Balance, Limitations, Flight Operations and much more.


  • Additions ratings

Apart from ratings, there are many additional non-obligatory courses which will make you stand out from others during pilot selection process. For example, the Jet Orientation Course (JOC) will provide a solid foundation for a successful simulator evaluation and is a great way to prepare for recruitment tests. The JAR-FCL ATPL certificate, which developed certification codes in order to meet common safety regulatory standards and procedures.  It might be also of your interest if you are looking to increase your flight hours and experience by becoming a flight instructor.

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