Successful open day at Panamedia’s International School of Pilots 2019

Successful open day at Panamedia’s International School of Pilots 2019June 10, 2019

Successful open day at Panamedia’s International School of Pilots 2019
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Last Saturday, the 25th of May, was a true blast for our whole team in our Mallorca and Valencia base.

With over 39 years of experience teaching professionals to develop their career in any aviation direction, this family business is the only school in Mallorca that offers both theoretical and practical learning in the same school. Considered to be one of the schools where you can obtain your licence in record time, you can become a pilot in only 14 months’ time with hard work and dedication.

What was the open day about?


A special day dedicated not only to this unique career, but also for all those who are passionate about aviation, simulators, drones and for new students who would like to join our school and make their dream come true.

We had the pleasure to meet hundreds of visitors who came from all different places, from the island but also mainland and even foreign countries due to the exceptional learning possibilities at Panamedia. We welcomed a wide range of young people who are already planning their future as an aviation professional, but also those who are passionate about the industry and wanted to have a small glimpse from our facilities and our day-to-day life, meet the crew and our airplanes. The pilot career demand is higher than never before, and the reasons are obvious: great office views all day long, the great investment for your future and the many job opportunities.

“There is a lot of employment demand with guaranteed jobs, compared to other careers”


We couldn’t agree more with this statement. In many other careers, once you finish your studies, it can be very hard to find the dream job that ticks all of your boxes, and sometimes it even has a lot of competition. This doesn’t happen when you become a pilot, as you are studying what you love, in order to become what you really want:  a pilot, an instructor…

Besides this, a very important change has been happening over the last couple of years within the aviation industry: there are more and more women sitting in the flight deck.  This is a huge achievement, and nowadays over 50% of pilots are women who are passionate about the same career.

Overall, our 2019 open day was a real success for both the team and also for all the visitors. If you came to have a look what Panamedia was about and thought about starting off with pilot studies, do not wait any longer! In Valencia, we already have 70% of completed enrolments, and are already starting with those in March 2020. We highly recommend to the interested to book their place because they are filled out very quickly.

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