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Rent an airplane

Fly and enjoy in one of our aircraft at an exceptional price!

Rent an airplane

Come to Panamedia and enjoy. Rent one of our airplanes!

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  • Can an aircraft be hacked? November 22, 2019

    Airplanes are flying IT systems. In addition to the flight systems that are responsible for navigation and control, there are also downstream systems such as the entertainment system. But every network represents a potential security risk and thus also a target for a hacker attack. Such an attack could have fatal consequences, such as the … Continue reading Can an aircraft be hacked?

  • Is electric flying the future? October 28, 2019

    The demand for airplanes is gigantic to cope with the increasing number of passengers. By 2037, the number of passengers is expected to double to around seven billion. Conventional aircraft turbines are constantly evolving and have become much more energy efficient, resulting in lower fuel consumption and emissions. Although modern aircraft have become more environmentally … Continue reading Is electric flying the future?

  • Female pilots hand-struggling wanted October 1, 2019

    Almost 30 years ago it was hard to imagine a woman flying a passenger plane at all. But even almost 30 years later, it is not common for a woman to fly an aircraft. Some 5% of the pilots are women. Many airlines want to change that in order to increase the proportion of women … Continue reading Female pilots hand-struggling wanted

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