Licence revalidation and renewal – How does it work?

Licence revalidation and renewal – How does it work?January 2, 2019

Licence revalidation and renewal – How does it work?
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Did you stop flying many years ago and want to start again? Don’t panic, as a pilot licence is for life – literally.

There are many cases where pilots got their licences years ago but didn’t find the right job within the industry, or were looking for something where they could spend time with the family on a daily basis and therefore looked for something close to home. Or simply found a different and more advantageous job than the one offered at that time. Sometimes we come across opportunities where we leave something else behind, and let us tell you, this is a true opportunity for you.

The aviation industry is rapidly increasing, so is the demand for flight instructors. Have you always dreamt of making the sky your office view for the day? Well, we have good news for you. If you wish to get back into flying a plane and spend the same amount of time with your family as before, the renewal of your ratings might be of your interest, and here you will find out what you will need.

  • Renew your class 1 medical

This is the most important factor when taking into consideration to step back in to the aviation industry. You will need to book in advance, so make sure you have everything you need when turning up. The examiner will check your medical history, hearing & eyesight, check your overall health, heart and lung function as well as some blood and urine tests in order to analyse any abnormalities. You can read a step-by-step guide here.  If your certificate expired more than 2 years before your renewal application you will be examined on your aero-medical records before the renewal examination. If in your case your licence your licence expired more than 5 years before the renewal application, you will have to carry out the whole process again as you did at the beginning of your career.

  • Renew your IR, ME or any other rating.

According to the EASA regulation, the IR needs to be revalidated every other year. If you haven’t revalidated it, don’t panic. You will need to take the test in an aircraft in order to renew it, but before getting back into a plane you will need to refresh your knowledge with some flight training and some sessions with our simulators. Make sure you feel confident before getting back into an aircraft, so take as many simulator hours as you need. At Panamedia we offer different courses to renew or revalidate ratings, which are crucial when piloting an aircraft, you can see all our renewals here.

  • Refresh your knowledge

We also recommend in taking the refresher course in order to give you an overview of the current general and flight EASA SERA rules and manoeuvres and procedures review. These courses can help private and commercial pilots, as well as those who are holding an Instrument Rating (IR), or are seeking to renew the rating. The course is split into 2 hours, one hour of flight training and one ground training hour where you will learn about theoretical contents which are available online. Find out more about it here.


We thank the author of the photographs, Fernando Jimenez Pozo – Panamedia Flight School

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