Integrated Course VS Modular Course – Which one is the right one for you?

Integrated Course VS Modular Course – Which one is the right one for you?October 11, 2018

Integrated Course VS Modular Course – Which one is the right one for you?
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It is official, you are determined to become a pilot! The first step to make your dream come true is getting your Class 1 medical, and with that in the bag you will have the choice between two options. Either going down the route with the integrated course, or with the modular course. Your choice!

The integrated training

These courses are perfect for beginners as you don’t need previous flight experience. You can get your licence in record time, and in only 14 months you could become a pilot. This always depends on student progress and other external factors.

You will need to attend full-time classes as it is an intense course, and because it is highly competitive. Give your best and get great marks!

“Your training progress will be monitored at every stage in order to make the most of your investment”

You will be covering:

  • Ground training
  • Flight training (the fun bit!) where you will train in different aircraft and simulators

Once you complete the course, you can operate as a co-pilot on multi-pilot, multi-engine airliners in commercial air transport and much more. If you are confident in your study abilities and the English language, and develop basic knowledge of aviation through daily exposure, the integrated course is the one for you.

Visit our course information for all the details.

The modular training

If you are looking for something to do at your own pace and time, this is the right one for you. There is no need to rush the course as it is measured based on flight hours and you can train in blocks.

It will also be very advantageous as you will come with a wide background and experience, which will be beneficial in future.

If you are someone who likes to approach studies more gradually in order to absorb the knowledge and at the same time improve your English, go for the modular program.Take a look at our course description for more detailed information.

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