How to make the most out of your career investment

How to make the most out of your career investmentOctober 24, 2018

How to make the most out of your career investment
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Investing into your career will be the most important choice you will make, therefore it is crucial to secure your finances and make the most out of it. These following factors should be taken into consideration when looking for a flying school in order to obtain great results.

Research, research, research…

Find out as much as possible about your Approved Training Organisation (ATO). Even once you decided to enter training, it is recommended to continue investigating and find out the truth about success rates in training courses. Always read the small print!

“You need to understand the pilot career and have realistic expectations”

The choice of training is also crucial, as it will enable you to decide how quickly you can afford in becoming a pilot. Take a look at the different courses offered in order to find the one that suits you best. Remember that Panamedia Flight School is an ATO with more than 30 years of experience and one of the highest rate of success in pilot formation.

Consider moving abroad and change location

When you are considering in getting your licence in record time, weather is a crucial factor which will determine how long it will take you to become a pilot. If you are looking to start piloting as soon as possible, rainy and cloudy weather won’t help to get you there.

“Spain has over 300 of sunny days each year”

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? This can be very appealing for those who don’t want to waste any time and get their licence as quick as possible. Remember, time is money!

Both Panamedia operational bases, located in Mallorca Island and Valencia, offer an extraordinary weather environment ideal to perform your flights in the best meteorological conditions.

Career development

Bear in mind that you need to turn into the best pilot possible and achieve outstanding results, which is key when impressing an airline employer.

“Your employment goals might change throughout your training course progress”

Keep an open mind towards the industry and the different training courses, research every single one of them and learn about your future career developments. The facilities, aircraft and simulators offered by the flight school are also very important for future employment. Make sure they have a modern office and infrastructure in order to experience high-quality aviation training. You can either visit it during open day or book a private visit if you already know what you want.

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