How to increase your aviation knowledge

How to increase your aviation knowledgeDecember 12, 2018

How to increase your aviation knowledge
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You’ve been through everything: commercial pilot licence or airline transport licence, medical certificates, instrument ratings and endless flight hours. But, what now? Well now the time has come to get ready and prepare for the airline selection process where thousands of pilots will introduce themselves within the industry and hopefully get the dream job they have always been looking for. Want to stand out from other people and make your CV unique? If you like what you are listening, then the Jet Orientation Course (JOC) is the way to go.

This course is aimed to those who want to work with airlines and it is an advanced type of training which intends to help the transition of pilots who recently graduated, those who haven’t got as much experience as others yet, CPL or IR licence holders to increase their knowledge on the same level as airline pilots and prepare them for the selection process. The objective is to boost their special awareness, skills to turbine aircraft handling and operation and their attitude and make them feel more comfortable in the cockpit. It is a great way not only to prepare for the selection assessment and obtain the extensive necessary skills, but also for those who are getting the first type rating.

Many airlines believe this specific aviation training is crucial when entering the industry


And even some of those airlines require to have taken this course before applying for the pilot job position as many of them believe that it provides a solid foundation for a successful simulator evaluation. The training consists of a full day of classroom training where you will learn about the jet handling skills using standard procedures in the Airbus procedure trainer (APT) whose cabin is that of an A320. You will also attend to 12 hours of practical flight simulator training in the APT of Airbus A320, distributed in three sessions. Panamedia’s experienced team and staff will ensure to teach future pilots to the highest of standards, they will share their years of experience and thousands of flight hours they have done, in order to help you to benefit as much as possible from this training.


There is no doubt that this course will be a huge advantage for all those who are seeking for a job within the aviation industry, and will be very useful during the interviews and pilot assessments. If you want to be at competitive advantage, the Jet Orientation Course (JOC) is the right choice for you and you can find out more about it here.

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