How to improve your Aviation English

How to improve your Aviation EnglishNovember 6, 2018

How to improve your Aviation English
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Learning a new language can be a challenge, especially if it involves a whole new vocabulary and words that don’t sound familiar. Back in 2008, ICAO modified some of the requirements and included the usage of the language in which a radio communications are carried out by its personnel; which includes pilots, navigators, air traffic controllers, etc. You might have heard some of the words as “roger” or “standby”, but Aviation English has a much more extensive vocabulary.

There are different levels of classifications, and based on what your results are you will need to revalidate it.

“Level 6 is classified as expert and 4 is the minimum for the license issue”

If you do happen to obtain a 4 (operational), you will need to revalidate it every 4 years and those who don’t obtain the required mark will only be allowed to fly in their birth country. If you seek to improve your aviation English take a look at these methods which will help you to prepare for your examination.

  1. Practice and think

This might be one of the most obvious methods to improve your English, but it is the most effective over time. Practicing with native speakers is a huge advantage as you will learn about different sayings, phrases and words which you don’t usually read in books, but it will also help to improve your pronunciation. Another tip: next time you are completing a pre-flight, use only English as the language to communicate. This will put you into a real-life event, it will help you to practice maneuvers and practice for your upcoming test.

  1. Listen to Air Traffic Control

Is there anything better than listening to Air Traffic Control in real time? It is one of the best ways to practice, as you are listening to a brief radio transmission and make you feel you’re in an airplane. Tip: stop the recording and try to understand what they are saying, this is a great way to hear different language accents and will enable you to learn about the different pronunciations.  You can listen to hundreds of traffic control feeds around the world here.

  1. English course

You will be in good hands here. Instructors will teach you everything you need to know: how to speak, read, write and fully understand the language proficiency requirements of level 6. It doesn’t matter at what learning stage you are, as you can learn from scratch, you decide the learning pace and learning can be done online. Take a look at the options offered by Panamedia in order to improve your English.


And that’s it! These are some of the top tips our Panamedia team has picked which will help you to master this essential tool for the aviation industry.

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