How to convert your foreign licence – a step by step guide

How to convert your foreign licence – a step by step guideSeptember 25, 2018

How to convert your foreign licence – a step by step guide
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If you have studied in the USA but have decided to come and work in a European Country you will need to convert your FFA licence into the EASE licence. It might seem straightforward and easy, but the changing process is not that simple. No one really loves paperwork, but you will do after you read this.

If you are looking for a clear guide on how to go through the process, you are at the right place. Keep scrolling down!

Get your medical certificate

Having your medical in a different country of where you live can be quite inconvenient, since the EASA will issue your certificate in the same country that you will get your licence. So if you are planning to move, it is essential to know where your licence and medical are going to be based.

Yes, it is possible to move medical records from one country to another, but it is an exhaustive process which you really don’t want to do.


Even though you have already your licence, you’re still required to undertake the approved course for the 14 EASA theoretical ATPL test before the practical training. You can choose whether you want to do it in full-time period or if you prefer doing it by distance learning, your choice.

Best part of this? You will be familiar with the material and it shouldn’t take too much of your time.

CPL conversion

This is an equivalent of 15 flying hours with most of them being somewhat standard, although R/T procedures might be different, depending on where in the world you used to fly.

“You will need level 4 in English”

If English isn’t your first language, you will be assessed to obtain an ICAO standard level. These exams will be carried out on a complex piston aircraft and within the region of two flying hours with a CAA examiner.

MEP conversion

If you are looking for the easiest and cheapest way of obtaining it, you should do it in a multi-engine piston aircraft as a Seneca or DA42.

“The course consists of seven or eight flying hours”

Although the CCA may not accept your Class Rating if you have fewer than 100 hours experience in the MEP class. If this is your case, you will need to convert the Class Rating as part of your conversion training.

ME/IR conversion

The ICAO IR conversion is a minimum legal length course of 15 hours, which 10 of them can be operated in an FNPT2 simulator (this depends on approval of the ATO), and the leftover hours will be conducted in the multi-engine aircraft.

Once you reach the required standard, the ATO will examine you with a CAA appointed examiner and will take between one and two hours flying.

To wrap it up

If you are planning to convert you licence because you are moving country, don’t panic. We have all the answers to your questions in one simple blog entry, and with this information the process should be stress-free, simple and easy.

This guide will also make your training as effective as possible, but will also be cost effective. If you still have doubts in regards to a conversion, visit the ATO and they will give you more in-depth advice and assessment of your needs in order to get an accurate quote for your training.

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