How to become a flight instructor

How to become a flight instructorDecember 27, 2018

How to become a flight instructor
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Have you always dreamt to help others to make their first steps into the aviation world? Now is your time! You will be able to create strong bonds with many future pilots and devote your teaching to the aviation industry. Another perk of becoming a flight instructor is that the weather won’t affect the school as much as in other Nordic countries. With over 300 days filled with sunshine in Spain, there is no doubt that you will be able to fly in abundance.

The advantages are many, as you will obtain more flight experience over time and help others with their career, there is high demand and you will be able to make a living as a flight instructor. If you are looking to teach others in order to help them in the aviation industry, this step-by-step guide will explain how to become a flight instructor. Interested? Keep Reading.

  • Obtain your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) (or renew it)

This is where it all starts. There is no need to have experience in flying when getting the PPL. The course is split into two: the ground training which is about 100 hours long, and the flight training where you will be dedicating around 60 flight hours. This is a great option if you wish to continue with the CPL, you can find out more about the requirements here.  If you are already holding one of those licences make sure to find out if you have to renew it or revalidate it.

  • Get an instrument rating

Even though you will automatically will have to obtain one when doing the CPL course, you can also obtain it separately if you are getting the PPL. This rating will enable you to fly in certain weather conditions, which is essential when flying during rain and fog. You will need 50 hours of cross country as Pilot in Command and also the Class 1 medical certificate, same as you will need it when getting the PPL or CPL.

  • Theory

The course if split into two: the flight training and ground instruction. During ground classes you will learn about psychology, the different teaching skills and how to instruct a student correctly. All of this will be wrapped up into a total of 125 hours and 30 hours of Single Engine training.


And that’s it! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is essential to logbook every person who received training from you and you can’t exceed the 8 hours of flight training per day, which is essential to ensure maximum safety for everyone. All you will need to do from there is maintain the certificate through the renewal process and increase your flying experience. But most importantly, enjoy it.  The flight instructor career is perfect for aviation lovers who wish to pilot on a day-to-day basis without having to spend the night in a different country. At the end of the day, you will be able to go back home to friends and family, just like any other job.  Meet new people, help others and the amazing office view, do we need anything else to convince you?



We thank the author of the photographs, Fernando Jimenez Pozo – Panamedia Flight School

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