How to become a flight dispatcher?

How to become a flight dispatcher?September 15, 2019

How to become a flight dispatcher?
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Have you always been passionate about the aviation industry but aren’t sure about the direction you want to go? Then the role as a flight dispatcher might be of your interest. Aircraft dispatchers work for airlines and other scheduled carriers, and they are in charge of ensuring everyone’s safety during each and every one of the flights. Some of their responsibilities include to produce flight plans bearing in mind every aspect of the flight, manage weather delays and change routes when necessary, monitoring the flights or even cancelling or delaying the flights.

At Panamedia International Flight School you will find a wide range of courses where you can work within the aviation industry. Has your interest risen after reading this? Keep scrolling down, as we tell you everything you need to apply for the course:

  • English skills

As all of our other courses, English Aviation skills is a must if you want to apply for this online course. Bear in mind that you will be in continuous communication with the pilots and the airport, therefore you language skills should be at a high standard. If you think there is room for improvement, you can apply for Panamedia’s Aviation English Course to improve your English.

  • Aviation experience

Although this is not a requirement, it is recommendable to have some previous experience with airplanes or anything related to the aviation industry.

  • Get familiar with the content

The course requires 200 hours of training, where you will learn the tasks of the flight dispatcher, how to carry out flight diagnostics, advanced calculations and how to effectively communicate following the protocol. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with flight planning, weather and aircraft regulations, and to have the necessary technical knowledge. As an example, you should know how to design and send a warning to the pilots about dangerous weather conditions or how to calculate the fuel and weight for take-off and landing.


There is no doubt that every day the aviation industry needs more specialists in this area, so the unemployment rate is minimal compared with other sectors and employment rate higher than never. Now is your chance to become a flight dispatcher with Panamedia International Flight School!

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