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Female pilots hand-struggling wanted

Female pilots hand-struggling wantedOctober 1, 2019

Female pilots hand-struggling wanted
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Almost 30 years ago it was hard to imagine a woman flying a passenger plane at all. But even almost 30 years later, it is not common for a woman to fly an aircraft.

Some 5% of the pilots are women. Many airlines want to change that in order to increase the proportion of women in cockpits, but also because they are desperately looking for flying personnel.


Raymonde de Laroche was the first woman in the world to receive a pilot’s licence from the Aéro-Club de France on 8 March 1910.

As early as 1973, for example, the first American Airlines pilot, Bonnie Tiburzi, took over the control stick, and in 1974 Danielle Décuré sat in the cockpit of Air France.


On 8 March 2013, Air France proved that aviation is possible without men. On International Women’s Day, the company flew an Airbus A380 from Paris to Washington, where only women worked – from cockpit to cabin.


Meanwhile the voice of a female captain from the cockpit is nothing unusual anymore and belongs to the everyday life of many airlines. Even Arab airlines employ female pilots.


The cockpit is no longer a male domain: women also have good chances as pilots. Today it is official company policy to hire more female pilots. The acceptance by male colleagues is very high, according to the airlines.



What requirements do you need as a pilot:


The pilot requirements are the same for men and women:


  • Age: 18 years (16 years for the first solo flight).
  • Class 1 medical examination.
  • No previous flight experience is required.




Can job and family be reconciled well?

What makes a career particularly interesting for women, however, is the compatibility of job and family. On average, you spend three days on the road. A little longer the crew is separated from the family on intercontinental flights. Many airlines offer good opportunities for women to work part-time and thus combine family and flying.


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