Digital Preservation: Our collaboration with the UIB

Digital Preservation: Our collaboration with the UIBMarch 5, 2019

Digital Preservation: Our collaboration with the UIB
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Last 13th of February we have been able to witness and be part of something that will mark the line to follow in the next few years in terms of risk management and security in the area of digital preservation. This has occurred during a talk called «Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Learning from aviation to prevent disaster» at the PASIG 2019 event in Mexico, which is dedicated to advancing and drive the practice of digital preservation and archiving. The presentation was carried out by Eduard del Valle, who is technician of the Library and Documentation Service of the University of the Balearic Islands, and José Parejo, who is Airline Transport Pilot and CEO of Panamedia International Flight School, with the collaboration of LIBNOVA.

But why is digital preservation important?

Whereas traditional information sources such as books, pictures or artworks can survive for many years or even decades, it’s not so easy for the more digital items. The continuous technological innovations and quick changes affect the way we preserve the information, therefore it is important to treat it with special care. With new technologies arising year by year, the old ones become obsolete which at the end affects how we access that particular content. If we want to continue to be able to access that specific digital content, we must be able to preserve it adequately in order to make it easily accessible for many more years to come.

Digital preservation within the aviation industry

Overall, the talk addressed how the area of digital preservation can benefit from commercial aviation security management systems (SMS) by enabling the detection of threats and potential risks related to technical, human and organizational factors that can cause the loss of digital information, and therefore minimize the risks of information loss. Based on research which was carried out by Eduard del Valle, he has been able to identify that the levels of digital preservation NDSA have not been designed to manage these critical situations or danger. The NDSA, also known as National Digital Stewardship Alliance, are guidelines with the overall goal of preserving digital content, which is used worldwide and is primarily driven by the United States.

To solve the overall issue, during the talk it was proposed to incorporate a new category of safety and risk management at NDSA levels, based on SMS methodology and used by commercial aviation.

This proposal has been considered the most innovative of the PASIG 2019

And with this proposal, the UIB has become one of the first university outside the United States to be accepted as a member of the NDSA, an institution which is willing to incorporate the proposal within the NDSA levels. Other institutions besides the NDSA have also shared their support, such as the universities of Oxford, Standford and Cambridge and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, which also have acknowledged the importance of digital preservation nowadays.

At Panamedia we bet on innovation and continuous evolution, which overall will also have a considerable impact within the aviation industry.

Great things await us this year!

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