Degree VS. Pilot training: everything you need to know

Degree VS. Pilot training: everything you need to knowMay 14, 2019

Degree VS. Pilot training: everything you need to know
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When it comes to learning skills and study skills, you want to make sure that you are making the most out of it and succeed as much as you can. Research about the different paths you can go, the different career opportunities after finishing your studies and the success rate in order to accomplish as much as you can. If you have made the decision of becoming a pilot (welcome on board!), you might have come across this popular question. What exactly do you need for turning your aviation passion into a professional career? Is it necessary to get a degree? Today we will solve all your doubts in regards to the pilot degree and pilot training, so let’s begin with one of the most important question:


Do I need a degree for becoming a pilot?


The answer to that question is no, you do not need a degree to fulfil your pilot dream. The pilot course is an alternative form of academic study to the more traditional route of a University degree, and a 100% valid career opportunity. Many people might think that a degree will ensure them and give them some sort of “security”, which it does, however, if you are completely convinced that you want to become a pilot, we highly recommend to choose pilot training in order to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot much quicker.


What is the main difference between the degree and training?


Compared to the traditional degree, pilot training is highly specialised in the aviation career as it will prepare you for the job you actually want to do. When deciding to get a degree, you will be covering extensive vocational grounding and experience, and with the pilot training you will be studying in a more straight-forward way.

Another difference of the two routes is time. When going down the route for the traditional route and decide getting a degree, it will take you about 4 years, just like any other university degree. On the other side, at Panamedia International Flight School in Mallorca, you can become a pilot in only 14 months when doing a pilot course.

“Reports confirm that pilot training will enable students to qualify much earlier than those taking a traditional degree”

When talking about the costs, both of them are quite similar, but when looking at the time it will take you to start your pilot career, with the pilot training course you will be able to pay back the costs much more quicker and start flying sooner.

In other words, you can achieve your dream of becoming a pilot much earlier when deciding to take the pilot course.


But the good news is…

But the good news is that once you are working in an Airline and have the needed requisites you will get the Airline Transport Pilot Title that in Spain is recognised as equivalent to a Degree.

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