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5 benefits of adding simulation to your training

5 benefits of adding simulation to your trainingFebruary 25, 2019

5 benefits of adding simulation to your training
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Have you ever though it wouldn’t be possible to learn to fly on the ground?  Many years ago, just the thought of it would have been impossible. The aviation industry has been adopting simulators since 1920s, but as years pass by, technology becomes more and more innovative with high quality devices with much more accuracy than ever.  There are numerous advantages and benefits of incorporating simulators to your training program, which is another reason to get excited about your aviation path.


Safety comes always first, and especially in the aviation industry. It is clear that the closest you are on the ground, the safer everyone will be. Simulators are not only for beginners, but also more experienced professionals who are seeking to practice emergency landings or unusual situations. It also enables you to practice over and over again until you feel confident – remember, practice makes perfect!

Try things more than once

It is completely normal that we might need a couple of tries until something is done correctly, same thing happens when piloting. Training with a simulator not only will enable to perfection the final landing and will have a much better results than when things don’t plan out in real life. It will enable you to go over and over again and see which areas need improvement, without worrying about the consequences.

Less training time

Studies suggest that one hour of flight simulation training is equivalent to two flight hours in an airplane, which means you can learn much more in less time. Not only will it be safer for you, but it will also be a lot more time and cost efficient

Train at any time

Even though Spain has over 300 sunny days, we also do have rainy days. Another of the many benefits of incorporating simulator hours to your training is that you will be able to practice as much as you like as you won’t rely on exterior weather conditions.

Learn more

Not only you will be able to train as much as you like, but you will have the chance to experience risky situations and conditions, which are a vital part of your training. There is no doubt that flying during tricky weather conditions isn’t something pleasant, but with the help of the simulator you can master your technique at any weather condition, whether it involves snow, rain or ice. Instead of waiting for the tricky situation in real life, recreating these experiences will help you to practice your responses to these challenges, as well as system failures, which will ultimately help you to develop the risk assessment and management skills you need.


At Panamedia we offer different course options with simulators, which have unique qualities and technology, in order to provide you with the best learning experience possible.

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