Elixir Aircraft: The newest aircraft at Panamedia

At Panamedia International Flight School, we believe that a fundamental part of a pilot’s training is the aircraft in which they conduct their flights. In our commitment to safety, we ensure that our fleet is modern, updated, excellently maintained, and up to current aviation standards. Therefore, we are excited to introduce the newest addition to the Panamedia fleet, the Elixir by Elixir Aircraft.

Elixir: The Best Aircraft in General Aviation

Elixir is the result of an aircraft designed with safety as the mail focus. It represents a groundbreaking approach to aviation safety, crafted with meticulous engineering. Moreover, with its advanced avionics, it becomes the perfect aircraft for training new pilots.

Single-Piece Fuselage

Its compact fuselage is constructed using techniques employed in competitive sailing, where everything is built in a single piece. This minimizes the typical complex assembly associated with aircraft. The wings are constructed in the same manner, eliminating the need for traditional ribs and spars. Elixir Aircraft is the first company in the world to build an aircraft using these methods.

Wing Design Offering Enhanced Control

The wing design enables the aircraft to remain fully controllable during a stall entry. The first two-thirds of the wing are optimized for efficient cruising, while the last third is particularly effective at low speeds, allowing for precise control of the ailerons.

Integrated BRS Parachute

As we can see, at Elixir Aircraft, safety is paramount. To complement this, the aircraft includes an integrated BRS parachute, which reduces the chances of a fatality in the event of a series of failures during operation.

Explosion-Proof Fuel Tank

Safety is the mail priority in aviation, which is why another feature of this aircraft is the explosion-proof fuel tank made out of a special material. This will protect the pilot’s integrity in the event of an emergency landing with or without the parachute.
The fuel system includes a check valve that allows for uniform distribution, eliminating the need to switch between tanks during flight, as it features a single 94-liter tank.

Modern Digital Instrument Panel

The aircraft’s modern cockpit is equipped with a Garmin G3X, which consolidates all relevant information onto a single touchscreen display. This display provides essential flight information, including flight instruments (PFD), navigation information (MFD, radio, transponder, and ADS-B), and engine instruments (EIS).
The cabin seats offer both vertical and horizontal adjustment, with longitudinal electric pedal adjustment, allowing for pilots ranging from 1.50 to 2.05 meters in height to comfortably fit within the cabin.

Angle of Attack Indicator for Enhanced Safety

Speaking of avionics, it’s worth highlighting the presence of the Angle of Attack (AoA) indicator in the cockpit. This instrument provides reliable information about the aircraft’s conditions and includes an alarm and indicator that will sound, accompanied by orange and red lights, in critical situations to alert the pilot.

High-Quality Landing Gear

Another key feature of this aircraft is its reinforced landing gear, eliminating concerns about hard landings. The sturdy oleo-pneumatic landing gear, equipped with Beringer wheels and differential brakes, offers a high level of safety with every landing the aircraft makes.

Panamedia has been offering quality training since 1980

Undoubtedly, we’re facing an aircraft that will provide enhanced training for Panamedia students. The aircraft is scheduled to join the school’s fleet alongside the rest of the aircraft in the near future.
The team at Panamedia International Pilot School is thrilled and excited about this new addition. We’re eager for our students to start flying with this modern aircraft.
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